Women's Soccer Weekend Recap | October 21

Women's Soccer Weekend Recap | October 21

The Rustlers Women's Soccer team had just one game this weekend, their final game of the season on Saturday afternoon against the Red Deer Queens. 

The Rustlers lost the game 3-1, with the lone goal scored by 1st-year fullback Dana Bernard, who was also named Player of the Game for the Rustlers.  Danielle Blacklock faced 16 shots on goal and made 13 saves for the Rustlers.

While the Rustlers finished the season with a 0-10 record, they looked like a much different team at the end of the season than they did at the beginning. 

Rustlers Head Coach Kevin Wagner spoke about what the season was like for his team.  "Where we were getting to is the same point that the other teams were at to begin the season," Wagner said.  "Give us another month or so then we would start to be able to perform.  It took too long to gain any confidence."

With the soccer season now over, the team will begin to prepare for futsal.